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Jumbo has reached Brussels Periphery

Jumbo supermarket
Foto Jumbo

Jumbo is going one step further in its conquest of Belgium: the Dutch supermarket chain now eyes Vilvoorde or Zaventem, in the Brussels Periphery. Hasselt and Lommel, in the province of Limburg, are numbers fifteen and sixteen on Jumbo's list of Belgian locations.


16 locations

According to its own jobs website, Jumbo is now looking for employees for a store in the region of Vilvoorde-Zaventem. The area is of strategic importance, as arch rivals Albert Heijn is already present there - they too used Zaventem as a gateway to the big Brussels market, now two years ago.


Two other locations have now popped up on the same website: Hasselt and Lommel, in the northeastern province of Limburg. The total number of locations for which the Dutch chain is looking for employees, has grown to sixteen.


Currently, the Dutch chain only has three stores in Belgium. Several other locations are works in progress: it has secured a building permit for Heusden-Zolder, but was refused one in Ghent as the city council wants the plans changed. Roeselare is also on the to-do-list, but that location is still under public investigation.